Sunday, 24 August 2014

August updates

I had some time to work on the project this weekend, and here's what I got done:
  • The @CrowdPee bot is up and running again, after a bit of downtime.
  • It's also going to be easier to update the CrowdPee database from now on. (The open data it's based on is released once a year.) Go to the questionnaire website to tell us about Zürich toilets or get the results!
  • Finally, the page on public toilets for the 20 biggest cities in Switzerland is now up-to-date. Zürich is still the only city for which I know that the public toilets are gender-neutral, and Biel no longer has public toilets at all, but I've emailed all the other city councils to request this information. I hope they get back to me quickly!

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